FileMaker Plugins

A fairly complete list of plug-ins can be found at

Some FileMaker plugin publishers with a proven track record include:

Dialog Plugins

Now that FileMaker includes the modal dialog window option, we can come very close to simulating native dialog boxes, with all the advantages of anything we can put on a FileMaker layout. When only a "real" dialog will do, these plugins let you go beyond what native FileMaker dialogs can do.
Troi DialogTroiA useful plugin
SimpleDialog24UAnother good plugin

Email Plugins

Email360WorksCan run on server
mail.itDaconsCan run on server
SMTPit ProCNSSMTPit sends mail, POP3it receives mail

Menu Plugins

CNS MenuCNSHierarchal menus anywhere on a FileMaker layout.

Credit Card Plugins

eAuthorizeWorqSmartHasn't been updated for a while.

Script triggers

FileMaker 10 introduced native script triggers, which do almost everything you need, but once in a while you need a plugin to fill the gap. These will trigger a script on auto-entry, on validate, basically anywhere you can invoke the calculation engine (even tooltips).
ActivatorTroiCan trigger events on remote machines
DoScriptmyFMbutlerFree! Can trigger during idle time
zippScriptzippToolsNo longer available. RIP

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