Bookmarking FileMaker Help on a Mac has changed

It’s fast and convenient to have the FileMaker help file bookmarked, e.g. for quick access to the functions reference and script step reference.

In FileMaker versions 7 – 12, you would find the help file here:

This has changed in FileMaker 13. The help file is now found here:

Right-click the help bundle, not the application.
In FileMaker 13, right-click the help bundle, not the application.

The examples above are for the default location of FileMaker Advanced. FileMaker Pro would be slightly different.

To get to an application’s Contents, control-click or right-click it and choose “Show Package Contents.”

In the Help folder, open the index.html file in your browser, then bookmark it, or navigate to your reference section of choice and bookmark that.

An old trick but still a good one.

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